detection. cleaning. analysis.


for the first time ever, you can analyze and evaluate your oral wellbeing and body metrics from the comfort of your home⁴

make the invisible visible

your mouth is full of invisible bacteria called biofilm until now, you have never been able to digitally view and measure these contaminants on your teeth

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custom-fit to your mouth

precise oral health measurement tailored to the shape of your mouth

man using device

fully automated scan of your teeth

get your oral health data within 30 seconds

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intelligent measurement of oral & body wellbeing data³

AI-powered breakdown of your oral health and overall wellbeing

14 nano cameras
reveal the biofilm structures and other contaminants on your teeth high-resolution: featuring 320x320 pixels at 2.4x2.4 µm/pixel
50+ sensors
record the important details of your mouth and body in real time
over 300 datapoints
collects oral wellbeing, body temperature⁴, heart rate⁴, SpO2 levels⁴, and BioZ/BIA  and relays this information to your e1 app

nº1 essence

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nº1 essence liquid is essential for maintaining healthy teeth and gums, helping to reveal the biofilm on your teeth

find out why nº1 essence is set to transform your oral care routine


intelligent, personalized & automated teeth cleaning that eradicates human error, guaranteeing precision in every clean

the best way to clean your teeth

now it’s time for a state-of-the-art smile the detection device locates contaminants on your teeth the cleaning device gets to work

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intelligent, personalized & automated teeth cleaning

manual toothbrushes allow for human error e1 eliminates this problem and ensures precise cleaning

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cleans teeth in less than 30 seconds

cleans teeth up to 4x faster than other cleaning solutions/toothbrushes¹

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removes up to 99%² of detected biofilm

leaves teeth cleaner than any other cleaning method, over 2,5 times more effective than a market leading powered toothbrush⁵

Cleaning device close-up
100% automated teeth cleaning system
30 seconds cleaning¹ of upper and lower jaw with efficiency and reachability close to 99%²
parallel cleaning: 3 brush heads, 5-axis robot arms
3 brush heads allow for significantly shorter cleaning time side brushes and fully automated 5-axis robot arms adapt to every jaw geometry
intelligent pressure and time control
guarantees optimum brushing time and intensity control for adaption to individual biofilm

nº2 essence

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nº2 essence enhances the cleaning and boosts your oral care in synergy with the cleaning device

you can enjoy a refreshing, pleasant flavor and a long-lasting freshness after each use

find out why nº2 essence is set to transform your oral care routine

your wellbeing data in the palm of your hand
measure your data anytime & anywhere receive valuable information about your personal wellbeing to help you make informed decisions for better overall wellness
identifying and eliminating biofilm powered by advanced AI - e1 promises a pristine smile
staying ahead of teeth stains and discoloration with early detection
measure your body temperature⁴
heart rate
measures your heart rate⁴
body compositions
bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) measures body composition to ensure a healthy balance of body fat, body water and muscle mass
blood oxygen
measures oxygen levels (SpO2)⁴

1 cleaning duration depends on the jaw geometry, tooth orientation, and the amount of biofilm

2 referring to the detected tooth surface

3 the datapoints are referring to biofilm and staining on tooth, jaw, and mouth level, heart rate⁴, temperature⁴, oxygen saturation⁴, body composition⁴

4 this is not a medical device, the data collected are not intended for medical purposes or for diagnosis, monitoring, treatment, cure or prediction of disease

5 test was performed by independent test institute Ormed at university Witten/Herdeck, which is specialized on the testing of teeth cleaning systems