This is e1
The future starts here
Introducing an extraordinary breakthrough in oral care. The first genuine innovation in the industry in over six centuries.
What is e1?
This is not a toothbrush.

It’s an expression of innovation.

The e1 is a technological breakthrough for your oral health, and it’s a holistic approach to improving your overall well-being.

Elevate your self-care routine with a multistep process:

detection, cleaning and analysis, all in one device.

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The e1 is the first of its kind
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Elevate your selfcare routine

Let's break down the breakthrough

Step 1 - Detection

With over 100 sensors and 14 nano cameras, together with nº1 essence your e1 precisely analyses your teeth, gums, and so much more. It identifies and locates biofilm and other contaminants, it also measures a variety of body metrics.
Your data is as unique as you are.

Step 2 - Cleaning

This detected information is essential for an unprecedented, tailor-made cleaning experience. The e1 is fully automated and removes with nº2 essence up to 99% of the detected biofilm, in less than a minute. Don’t wonder if your teeth are clean, know they are.

Step 3 - Analysis

See the results in the palm of your hand. epitome mobile app provides you essential information about your cleaning results and general body health. You’ll get a detailed overview of your temperature, heart rate, oxygen level, and so much more*.

* This is not a medical device

Make the invisible visible

Detection Device

Equipped with the latest AI technology, high-precision light sensors and pioneering nanocameras


Your future daily healthcare routine begins with the detection device. It analyses and evaluates your teeth and your body metrics.

14 nano cameras
reveal the biofilm structures and other contaminants on your teeth
100+ sensors
record the important details of your mouth and body in real time
up to 100% accuracy
provided by advanced AI technology

A state-of-the-art smile

Cleaning Device

AI technology uses intelligent movement patterns, ensuring unsurpassed teeth cleaning precision


Now it’s time for an unprecedented clean. After the detection device locates the contaminants, the cleaning device gets to work.

up to 99% biofilm
is removed from your teeth, more than any conventional toothbrush on the market
less than 60 seconds
are needed for a complete teeth cleaning
100% automatic
e1 robotics work autonomously, without manual intervention or user control
nº1 and nº2 essence
Say goodbye to toothpaste

Two liquids that will change the oral health game have been developed exclusively at epitome.

nº1 essence is designed to boost your teeth cleaning routine and reveal the biofilm.

nº2 essence is crucial for cleaning, eliminating invisible biofilm.

What remains is an unrivalled cleanliness and freshness in your mouth.

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your health in the palm of your hand
epitome mobile app
Access live updates on both your oral health and body metrics
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your metrics*

Your e1 experience evolves with you

After detection and cleaning you receive valuable information about your personal well-being.

All it takes is a tap on your smartphone to receive a comprehensive update on your health metrics.

BiofilmBiofilm Graph

Identifying and eliminating biofilm. Powered by advanced sensors, e1 promises a pristine smile.

StainsStains Graph

Staying ahead of teeth stains and discolouration with early detection.

TemperatureTemperature Graph

Recording your body temperature, so you can stay attuned to subtle temperature fluctuations.

Heart rate monitoringHeart rate monitoring Graph
Heart rate monitoring

Measuring your heart rate to keep track of your vital signs.

Blood oxygen saturation level (SpO2)Blood oxygen saturation level (SpO2) Graph
Blood oxygen saturation level (SpO2)

Measuring oxygen levels in your blood and acting as a warning system for a variety of chronic conditions.

Body composition analysis (BIA)Body composition analysis (BIA) Graph
Body composition analysis (BIA)

Measuring body composition to ensure a healthy balance of body fat, body water and muscle mass.

* This is not a medical device. These metrics are only suitable for wellness use and are not intended for medical purposes.

e1 starter kit
What’s in the box?
The e1 starter kit contains everything you need to begin your future daily healthcare routine, including:
  • e1 device
  • e1 accessories
  • 16 flasks of nº1 essence
  • 16 flasks of nº2 essence
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2.400 €